Pre Storm and Post Storm Photos 

     Don’t wait until the storm hits to get the documentation you need to make yourself whole after a storm! 

When a hurricane strikes, the aftermath can be devastating. But there’s a simple step you can take to protect your peace of mind and ensure a smoother recovery process: document your home with pre-storm and post-storm photos.

Imagine the stress and frustration of dealing with insurance claims when your home has been damaged. Now, picture having clear, indisputable evidence of your property’s condition before and after the storm. With both sets of photos, you can provide essential proof, making your claims process faster and more efficient.

Don’t let the chaos of a hurricane leave you scrambling. By taking a few minutes to let us photograph your home now and immediately after a storm, you can safeguard your future. These photos can be the difference between a lengthy, stressful claim and a quick resolution.

Our Service:

For just $300, we provide:

  • Detailed Photos: Comprehensive images of the exterior of your home, including fences, outbuildings, and roof.
  • Post-Storm Documentation: Photos must be taken the same calendar year post-storm. For example, if a storm occurs in September 2024, the post-storm photos must be taken before the end of December 2024.
  • Thumb Drive: You will receive a thumb drive with all the photos for easy access and safe storage.

Prepare today to ease your recovery tomorrow:

  • Ensure Accurate Claims: Provide clear evidence of your home’s condition before and after the storm.
  • Speed Up the Process: Avoid lengthy disputes and expedite your insurance claims.
  • Reduce Stress: Have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for the worst.
  • Protect Your Investment: Safeguard your property’s value and ensure you’re fully covered.
  • Simple and Quick: Take a few minutes now and after the storm to save yourself headaches later.

Document your home with pre-storm and post-storm photos and ensure you have the evidence you need to rebuild and restore your life with less hassle. Your future self will thank you.