From an eye-in-the-sky drone roof survey to foundation inspection, All Seeing Home Inspection has your home inspection needs covered.

Comprehensive Home Inspection

A comprehensive home inspection is designed to identify and provide you with a list of potential issues with a home. The roof, foundation, and all the systems in between are inspected for age and integrity.

Wind Mitigation

The inspector will check key features of the home for their potential to withstand strong winds. How the roof is attached, windows, and storm shutters will all be examined. The results of this inspection can create insurance discounts.

4 Point

Insurance companies may request a Four Point Inspection to determine risk. The main components that are examined during a four-point inspection are the age and condition of the electrical, plumbing, roof and structure, and the HVAC system.

Thermal Imaging

FLIR technology can make hot and cold spots within the walls, roof lines, and the foundation of a property visible. This can help identify leaks, water damage, insect activity, and more.


Stray Voltage

Pool and dock lighting are commonly found on Florida property. However, they can also be a source of stray voltage. Let us help ensure the safety of your family by using special equipment to test for electrical currents in pools, spas, and around docks.

Pool and Spa Inspection

The inspector will check the pool/spa and the area surrounding it. A visual inspection of the walls, lighting, and decking will be performed. Any additional features, such as slides and fencing, will be inspected for potential safety issues. Our goal is to provide peace of mind while you enjoy the “Florida Life” to the fullest.

ROof Inspections

The inspector will check the roof for approximate age, wear, and potential leaks. Depending on the type and pitch of the roof, he may walk it and take pictures or use a drone to capture the footage


The inspector will put a professional eye on your home inspecting for storm damage which may not be obvious or easy to identify. We will identify possible water intrusion using a FLIR camera and moisture meter. We will provide you with a detailed report which can be used for your insurance company.


The inspector will perform a thorough visual inspection of all the areas in a home that are prone to moisture or exposure to the elements.

Air Quality Sampling

We take air samples from inside the home and outside of the home and send them to our lab to determine if there is a possible elevation of mold in the house. With this knowledge you can seek a qualified mold remediation solution.