Mold Testing


Mold Testing and Air Quality Testing


We can perform swab and tape lifts of obvious mold to determine type of mold.


Identification of the types of mold can assist you in figuring out the next steps in possible mitigation.


If you have a mildew or mold smell in your home but can not identify where or if there is mold in your house we can perform Air Quality Testing.

We will use our Buck Bioaire vacuum pump with mold traps to trap and identify the type and level of mold in the home. This information can assist in identifying the location and type of mold present in the home. With this we can assist you in figuring out the next step of possible mitigation.


Our tests are typically less in price than a Mold Remediation company and can be used to by remediation companies if they are needed. 

We Inspect

Single Family Residences

Mobile and Manufactured Homes


Commercial Properties




We are not mold assessors or mold remediators. The samples we collect are sent to a lab for testing.